A downloadable game about Harriet for Windows and Linux

Hello and welcome to the official page for TGIAH! This game is still heavily in development, but us 3 will do our best to keep you all updated with new builds, status updates, etc!

  • Arrow keys - Left & Right to move and Up to jump
  • LSHIFT - Super sprint
  • Ctrl - Slow down
  • Suicide Reset position
  • - Multijump

Install instructions

What is a TERM2 build?

A TERM2 build is the oldest known version type of TGIAH (if you don't count the legacy version). Lots of things change between different TERM2 builds

How to install

  1. Download the build that you want
  2. Extract the contents into a folder
  3. Run the program
    1. For Windows users, use the .exe file
    2. For Linux users, download the Love2D 11.2 AppImage or .deb file.
  4. Have fun!


TGIAH TERM2 Build 4 67 MB
TGIAH TERM2 Build 3 4 MB
TGIAH TERM2 Build 2 4 MB
TGIAH TERM2 Build 1 4 MB

Development log